Thursday, March 28, 2013


One thing which fascinated us about our flat(in the beginning stages while construction),was the view from the 9th floor.On one side we have this lovely coconut plantation(God knows for how long,though!) and on one side there is a lovely open space,which actually is a marsh land for birds.One of our favorite pastimes is to sit on our balcony swing,sipping hot tea and viewing the sunset.Thank God for small mercies:)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Bag I''ve been Eyeing

I am not an avid bag shopper.Yes,I do a bit of window shopping and hold and see bags,even pose with them but I do not go on a crazy bag-shopping spree.If I have 3-4 good bags I am good to go.For my last birthday,Ajay gifted me a Hidesign(my first!) and I am hooked.I mock protested saying it is too expensive and I don't need it and all that but I am already eyeing my next one,yes!
I came across this particular bag from Holii and have been looking all around for getting one,but no luck just as yet.The bag is out of stock and I badly 'need' it.Oh when are you coming to me love?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nutella Birthday Cake

I don't know how someone can be so cool on one's birthday,going on as if it was just another day.Yes,that's Ajay for you.He still believes(even after being with me for so long!)that it is just another day and not something to celebrate and make fuss about.So now I have changed tracks,I take the pleasure in celebrating his birthday for him,which includes keeping his presents for myself :)))