Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mind block?

Its strange..I have so much to share about a dish other than its recipe.But when it came to sharing my thoughts,am stumped..absolutely nothing's coming to my mind and even when it does,I feel its not important enough to form a blog post!!!

I keep blogging in my head when it comes to
my other blog.I mentally make note of what could be the starting line or which instance is related to that dish and more.I think of so many things while taking food snaps too(not that I take the BEST of snaps..but still).Even before starting Easycooking,I had plans to have a space of my own,to share my thoughts.But when I really have one I don't know what to share;-).

Lets see whether I can really come up with something..soon,I hope.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy New year to one and all..!!

Another blog..why you may think..Well,I always wanted a personal space for myself and the cooking blog has completely changed my life.While starting the blog,all I wanted to do was to create a blog,thats it.I registered for the first available name and took it from there.I wish I had created a blog with a common name so that I could include other posts in it as well.I can't be posting about my thoughts in my cooking blog..;-).Anyway,all's well that ends well.

I hope to update this blog regularly and keep this blog alive and kicking,just like the other one..!!

Once again wishing all a very happy new year 2009!!!