Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's been a while since I scribbled here.Except for a few people who wrote to me saying that they've been reading this blog and miss the lack of posts,I don't think generally anyone[other than me]misses my posts here!!

Time has been racing so fast that within a blink,my Birthday is here.Though I try telling myself that I am grown up and all that,I find it tough to keep away from the birthday countdown,planning and choosing gifts etc.Every time,I decide that I wouldn't be repeating this exercise the next year but here it comes.I have already decided what to wear,which cake to be baked,where to have dinner etc etc.When will I ever grow up??

Soon after the Birthday,it is time for Christmas and the inevitable countdown for New Year.When did the year 2010 come and go?No clue.Beginning of 2010 saw us quite happy with something good happening in our lives but no sooner that became a damp squib.I am hoping this year too,along with my birthday,something good happens--something good for which we've been waiting too long!!

So for all who've been reading this blog[it really came as a surprise to me],Hello and hope you have a great day!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

It's all about Food,honey!!

I don't remember if it started after I started posting recipes on my food blog or before that..but it is true.

All I think about is food.Not only me,gtalk and facebook chat history is bursting with nostalgic food memories,recipes of long-forgotten dishes etc with friends and family.Me and vanni chat almost daily on gtalk.After the initial queries[even that is about,what food we had for breakfast,lunch etc] we start talking about food.It is not done purposely,somehow the talk drifts to food and topics relating to that.

There is a joke which runs in Ajay's family-we talk about luunch during breakfast and 4pm kaapi during lunch get the drift don't you?Even while having food,we discuss about the next course of meal we are going to have.Ajay's elder bro has to know what's for breakfast the next morning before he sleeps.At times,he has even woken up mil and asked her the same and he insists he sleeps well if he knows that beforehand!!

Are we abnormal?? I have reason enough to be happy-we are not alone in this.People get really excited and passionate while talking about childhood and wonderful memories of eating with dirty hands and the copious amounts of Dabbe khaaN that mothers made.Strangers become friends only by discussing about food,isn't that great??

Food blogs and Facebook recipe/food groups have become the place for learning cooking.Delicacies I never knew existed find a prime place in our dining table and variety is the word now.

It is another matter altogether that all this cause your weighing scale to go up up up..well,moderation is the key,isn't it??

Happy Food-ing[if there's a word like that;-)]

Sunday, February 28, 2010

TV shows--What next??

Being a stay-at-home/housewife,quite a lot of my time is devoted to the idiot box and my laptop.After my routine work and blogging,I plop up in front of the tv and watch a lot of stuff.Movies,songs,some serials and sometimes news:).Of course,sometimes even after the regular channel surfing,I feel there's nothing interesting to watch-not in any of the 200+ channels,yes that happens!!

It was during one such day that I hopped on to Ndtv Imagine's show Rahul ka Swayamvar.I was curious.I had seen trailers of Rakhi ka swayamvar and the buzz of their engagement and then so-called-break-up and then again them appearing as a couple in some other show.But this isn't about Rakhi Sawant,no.As someone said,like her-hate her but you cannot ignore her:)

I don't know much about Rahul Mahajan.Except that his father was murdered,sometime later he[Rahul] was hospitalised due to a Cocaine overdose and within 3 months of his father's demise,he got engaged to his childhood sweetheart and got married soonafter.

Married..??Then why the swayamvar??I wanted to find out..remember..I was curious??!!

I googled and found out that his ex-wife[yup,he is divorced now] filed a case against him for divorce stating incompatibilty.There were even serious allegations of Rahul beating his wife!!!

I have seen footages of the show Big Boss on Youtube where in some scenes,Rahul is seen openly flirting with Payal Rohatgi.

Now my question is..who would want to marry a guy who was arrested for Cocaine overdose..was married and divorced with serious allegations of beating up his wife..was seen flirting with fellow-participant on national television?? None..??Oh no,you are wrong..17 girls are vying for his attention just so they can be his bride....*gasp*

From whatever I have seen,the participants are literally on their knees proposing to him and he's having a real tough time deciding on whom to get married to.One participant while getting eliminated said-If only you had paid some attention to me,we could have worked on our chemistry..eeeks.Another one said-you only pay attention to so&so and don't give any bhaav[attention] to us.Gosh..I truly find it hard to digest.

I am not being judgemental here,no.I am just wondering how time changes and people's attitude too.Tv shows have gone from bad to worse and I really wonder what they are thinking of next..!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Diet..Got to start!!

Much has been written about the dreaded four letter word DIET these days in blogs and forums and websites.This month's Reader's digest even carried an article on it.Everyone wants to lose weight,but how.As I have mentioned before,I have had a love-hate relationship with my diet as well as weight.I've gone from healthy to very plump to very thin again to very fat and back to healthy weight.

Off late,due to some unavoidable circumstances,I've not been following my diet and my regular walks.Which of course has taken its toll on my weight.

I was 52kgs while on my diet and reached 54 after I started eating regular food.It was constant for a while but now I've shot to 56.5 and that has started giving me nightmares.I want to go back to my regular weight ie 52 kgs,hence lose 4.5 kgs.I need to buck up..NOW!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sleep..or the lack of it!!

I sleep with ease..if you are thinking,well who doesn't,ask me.I have come across many people who say they can't sleep well if they are not in the comforts of their bedrooms.Or some who say if they sleep in the afternoon,they can't sleep at night.Or the ones who say they don't sleep comfortably at night,insomnia perhaps.

Many things other than this might cost one one's sleep.Stress,tension or some bad news can literally drag your sleep from your eyes.

Ajay for one,is a mix between the second and third types.He sleeps very less and if by chance he falls asleep during the day,then that's it.He says he envies me sleeping comfortably under the blanket,NO MATTER WHAT!!

Yeah,sleep comes naturally to me.I sleep in a train,bus or even an auto if I feel sleepy.When I went to college[in Chennai]I used to travel by MTC buses to and fro.The journey used to take me about an hour and the moment I step inside and catch my seat,I get myself prepared to sleep.Ajay wonders how I can sleep in a crowded MTC bus and I find it hard to explain:).Once I got a seat next to the driver and slept very comfortably despite the blaring sound of the horn and the eerie sounds of the gear box.I should say even the driver was confused and he asked me in pure wonder "eppadi maa tungninge?",which literally translates could you...??!!:)

Its past 10 now and I am feeling sleepy..are you:):)??

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I've lost interest..

--in blogging

--bloghopping[my reader is bursting with unread posts]

--watching television,I've not been watching much of it and surprisingly I am not missing it either!

--social networking,ie Orkut,Facebook,Twitter etc.

My state of mind right now--Happy,very Happy!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year..a new beginning!!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2010!!

I am happy that this year started with a wonderful news for us.Last year was not such a great year for us as well as many of our friends and close family members.I hope this year,the start of a new decade brings along with it lots of joy and happiness for all of us!!