Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's been a while since I scribbled here.Except for a few people who wrote to me saying that they've been reading this blog and miss the lack of posts,I don't think generally anyone[other than me]misses my posts here!!

Time has been racing so fast that within a blink,my Birthday is here.Though I try telling myself that I am grown up and all that,I find it tough to keep away from the birthday countdown,planning and choosing gifts etc.Every time,I decide that I wouldn't be repeating this exercise the next year but here it comes.I have already decided what to wear,which cake to be baked,where to have dinner etc etc.When will I ever grow up??

Soon after the Birthday,it is time for Christmas and the inevitable countdown for New Year.When did the year 2010 come and go?No clue.Beginning of 2010 saw us quite happy with something good happening in our lives but no sooner that became a damp squib.I am hoping this year too,along with my birthday,something good happens--something good for which we've been waiting too long!!

So for all who've been reading this blog[it really came as a surprise to me],Hello and hope you have a great day!!


  1. Happy birthday ! and wish u and and ajay the best for that something good ! ...

  2. Hope all u r wishes comes true in 2011