Friday, March 11, 2011

Yutham Sei - Movie Review

I am kind of biased when it comes to a few heroes/directors when I am watching a movie.Despite hearing rave reviews of the movie,I was hesitant to watch Yutham Sei because Cheran is not actually my favorite[I liked him in Autograph,but that's it].Ajay kept on telling that we should watch the movie but I kept on postponing it.I shouldn't have!

For someone who went on with preconceived notions of "not liking" the movie,I have come out liking the movie so much that we are still discussing it and are planning to watch it again.

The movie begins with a few here and there scenes where a girl is supposedly kidnapped,strange parcels with human body parts starts appearing in public places and the usual fare associated with it.Cheran,a CB-CID officer is assigned the task of finding out who is behind all this gory crimes but he is hesitant and asks for medical leave as he wants to search his sister who was kidnapped a while back.The senior officer convinces him and he is assigned the job with two junior officers.

Once they start investigating the case,slowly pieces fall into places.Many more killings and kidnappings follow and the audience is literally on the edge of their seats to find out who is actually behind it.It takes a while to understand why these incidents actually happen,but when you do you truly are stunned and nodding your heads in approval.

After few more killings and extremely gory scenes,everything comes to an end you truly feel justice prevails.Revenge is the only true emotion of the human mind and the director has portrayed it to the T.

Cheran is perfect as the no-nonsense officer but in the bridge fight scene,it is hard to believe that he actually fights against eight goons[with a nail cutter as his only weapon]and gets all of them arrested,a tad difficult to believe.His junior officers Prakash and Tamizh[screen names] have performed well too,especially Tamizh.

All in all a good thriller albeit in between the plot gets a little slow,you kind of start to feel-ok,enough killings and kidnappings what next?Good show by all the actors.Watchable again.

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  1. i love such thriller movies, only if i cud understand tamil (having subtitles will also do) , the plot seems like it might have been lifted from a CSI (crime scene investigation) episode, but our indian version would have an indian touch, so maybe will give a try at watching it, since hubby knows tamil :) ...we keep watching old suresh gopi films on youtube just for some kicks and laughs whenever he starts his 10 minute (minimum time, we even timed it precisely !)dialogues ;-)