Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Birthday Cake


Yes,after all that huffing and puffing yesterday,I finished baking the cake on time and it got the much required resting period[almost 7 hours]during which time the flavors set in very beautifully.While cutting the cake,the knife just slid in which made my heart beat faster as to how it would taste after all.

One bite into it,Ajay gave his thumbs up.He absolutely loved it and had as much as 3 slices!I loved it too but couldn't have much,all the licking of ganache and whipped cream while decorating the cake took its toll.I enjoyed the cake today,in fact had a big slice as my breakfast.Deep chocolate flavor and the creamy chocolate cream and ganache..YUM!

1 comment:

  1. the cake luks as yummy as u described it.. :)... :P ..
    hey der..felt lyk making chocolate googled it..
    aftr opening..loads of links..saw ur blog..
    vv nice..u hav posted gr8 recipes... :)
    will make it asap..
    dnt kno wen il upload da i dnt cum ol frequently..
    neyaws..thanks for da recipie..

    .. yash ..