Monday, March 28, 2011

Comments..or the lack of it!!

During my initial days of blogging[food blogging],a dear friend of mine who was an avid blogger told me something.That,blogging is a game,you need people to read your post-fine,you want them to comment on your posts--you got some work to do.I was clueless about all this comment thing,not even knowing where the comment form was at the end of this post!!

I was apprehensive posting comments on other people's blog,some of them whom I totally adored fearing that they might trail me out and see my ugly ducking blog.But then,I fell in love with my baby blog and as and when I started taking good care of it,I wanted people to come,see appreciate and encourage me further in this.

Blogging,was starting to become a passion and I spent more and more time on it.

As time passed and the posts increased,I started getting comments on a regular basis,most of them from my regular reader base.I felt happy and almost jubilant that bloggers whom I adored commented on my posts.

My comment policy was simple,if I liked a blog post-I would comment.Irrespective of the fact,if that blogger comments on my posts or not.Similarly,I might not comment on each and every bloggers posts who comment on my blogs[even though I'd love to!].If I start commenting on every blog post which appears on my reader or on every one's blogs who comment on mine,one day would not be enough.

When I started this blog,I never thought my posts would get comments on it.I started it so that I could write down my thoughts/feelings or whatever came to my mind.I was glad when someone asked me to write here regularly.So I am hoping to continue writing here and get some comments too..get the drift?


  1. Isnt it a delight to see that unread email which holds the comment from your readers in your inbox when you sign in to your account? It still brings a wide smile on my face :) like 'it made my day' :)

  2. this pic on this post definitely described the way I too feel sometimes hehe ;-))

  3. Hi Divya,

    Its funny that I check your blog every day if not every other but I never leave comment. So is my case with few other blogs I take a long time to comment. Lazy I guess ?!

    I truly appreciate your blogs and I love your food blog. Tried replicating the choc cake that you made for Ajay but just didn't get the courage to. So I settled down to making Dulce de Lecha and got comfy on the bean bag. :) Thanks for your recipes and sharing.

    TC and Keep blogging.

  4. Hi Divya,

    I am Nandita, form Bangalore. I came across your blogs just today and I really like them! Just like u, blogging is beciming my big time passion ans I too have a food blog (very very amateur one compared to urs! :) ) and a creative writing blog :) I am going to be following ur blog, as i can so relate to it :)

    [btw... are u konkani?! I am! :)]