Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just another day!

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I have always believed birthdays and anniversaries have to be celebrated with pomp and glory and probably continue to believe it but yesterday was just that--just another day!

Ajay and I celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss and we let the day pass without much celebrations.I can't yet believe I let that happen,but it was a natural thing.Monday being a working day,we decided to advance the celebrations by a day and went out for a lovely lunch out to a great sizzler joint - Tangerine.I love it that they have plenty of options for vegetarians as opposed to some places where they just serve a cutlet on a bed of herb rice and call it veg sizzler--yeah,been there,done that!

After that,we went to the much happening joint in Chennai--Express Avenue.Ajay gave me a blank-cheque shopping deal,ok that means he asked me to get anything I wanted.Now why do I become a party pooper the moment he says that,I don't know.I let go a chance of getting a Levis Curve id jeans[yeah that one is so much in vogue these days]saying it costs a bomb.We went to a great Indian designer store-Soch and I got 3 pretty Kurtis and loved it absolutely.

We then went to Sangeetha to have hot filter kaapi and headed back home.We had friends over for dinner and ordered Chinese.I baked a simple Cherry cake and we finished it in no time.

After all this,the d-day felt like just another day.We wished each other first thing in the morning[yeah,that was there]and went about doing our chores and the day got over--just like that!I didn't even bake a cake--blasphemous,I know!

Now I want the Levis Curve Id jean..Ajay,are you reading this??

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