Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ajay's Birthday Cake Preps

Hershey's Perfect Chocolate Cake - Baking in the oven  Cooled,moistened with syrup,filled and crumb coated
Filling - Chocolate whipped cream - cooling in the fridge  whipped and used for filling
Frosting - Dark Chocolate Ganache - done

Ideas for decorating the cake - still in the thought process stage!  I finished decorating the cake.As always,not fully satisfied,but okay,let me see how photogenic it looks finally.

I hope to finish everything by noon so that the cake can get the resting time in the fridge and ready to cut in the evening.

Usually,Ajay has absolutely no demands when it comes to his Birthday cake,but this year,almost a month back he asked me to make Death by Chocolate Cake for his birthday.That put me in pressure.It is different making something for pleasure and its different when you are under pressure to perform.I hope I have done it right and the birthday boy will like it.*fingers crossed*

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