Friday, April 30, 2010

It's all about Food,honey!!

I don't remember if it started after I started posting recipes on my food blog or before that..but it is true.

All I think about is food.Not only me,gtalk and facebook chat history is bursting with nostalgic food memories,recipes of long-forgotten dishes etc with friends and family.Me and vanni chat almost daily on gtalk.After the initial queries[even that is about,what food we had for breakfast,lunch etc] we start talking about food.It is not done purposely,somehow the talk drifts to food and topics relating to that.

There is a joke which runs in Ajay's family-we talk about luunch during breakfast and 4pm kaapi during lunch get the drift don't you?Even while having food,we discuss about the next course of meal we are going to have.Ajay's elder bro has to know what's for breakfast the next morning before he sleeps.At times,he has even woken up mil and asked her the same and he insists he sleeps well if he knows that beforehand!!

Are we abnormal?? I have reason enough to be happy-we are not alone in this.People get really excited and passionate while talking about childhood and wonderful memories of eating with dirty hands and the copious amounts of Dabbe khaaN that mothers made.Strangers become friends only by discussing about food,isn't that great??

Food blogs and Facebook recipe/food groups have become the place for learning cooking.Delicacies I never knew existed find a prime place in our dining table and variety is the word now.

It is another matter altogether that all this cause your weighing scale to go up up up..well,moderation is the key,isn't it??

Happy Food-ing[if there's a word like that;-)]


  1. Divs nice reading this :)
    yeh we have lozza memories... to go vth :)

  2. babe I totally agree. Being an Indian entitles you to an obsession with food. Love reading your blog..