Sunday, February 28, 2010

TV shows--What next??

Being a stay-at-home/housewife,quite a lot of my time is devoted to the idiot box and my laptop.After my routine work and blogging,I plop up in front of the tv and watch a lot of stuff.Movies,songs,some serials and sometimes news:).Of course,sometimes even after the regular channel surfing,I feel there's nothing interesting to watch-not in any of the 200+ channels,yes that happens!!

It was during one such day that I hopped on to Ndtv Imagine's show Rahul ka Swayamvar.I was curious.I had seen trailers of Rakhi ka swayamvar and the buzz of their engagement and then so-called-break-up and then again them appearing as a couple in some other show.But this isn't about Rakhi Sawant,no.As someone said,like her-hate her but you cannot ignore her:)

I don't know much about Rahul Mahajan.Except that his father was murdered,sometime later he[Rahul] was hospitalised due to a Cocaine overdose and within 3 months of his father's demise,he got engaged to his childhood sweetheart and got married soonafter.

Married..??Then why the swayamvar??I wanted to find out..remember..I was curious??!!

I googled and found out that his ex-wife[yup,he is divorced now] filed a case against him for divorce stating incompatibilty.There were even serious allegations of Rahul beating his wife!!!

I have seen footages of the show Big Boss on Youtube where in some scenes,Rahul is seen openly flirting with Payal Rohatgi.

Now my question is..who would want to marry a guy who was arrested for Cocaine overdose..was married and divorced with serious allegations of beating up his wife..was seen flirting with fellow-participant on national television?? None..??Oh no,you are wrong..17 girls are vying for his attention just so they can be his bride....*gasp*

From whatever I have seen,the participants are literally on their knees proposing to him and he's having a real tough time deciding on whom to get married to.One participant while getting eliminated said-If only you had paid some attention to me,we could have worked on our chemistry..eeeks.Another one said-you only pay attention to so&so and don't give any bhaav[attention] to us.Gosh..I truly find it hard to digest.

I am not being judgemental here,no.I am just wondering how time changes and people's attitude too.Tv shows have gone from bad to worse and I really wonder what they are thinking of next..!!!

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  1. I was really shocked that this wife beater was now hunting in full public view for wife number 2. Cant bring myself to watch him because I just dont like him...