Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sleep..or the lack of it!!

I sleep with ease..if you are thinking,well who doesn't,ask me.I have come across many people who say they can't sleep well if they are not in the comforts of their bedrooms.Or some who say if they sleep in the afternoon,they can't sleep at night.Or the ones who say they don't sleep comfortably at night,insomnia perhaps.

Many things other than this might cost one one's sleep.Stress,tension or some bad news can literally drag your sleep from your eyes.

Ajay for one,is a mix between the second and third types.He sleeps very less and if by chance he falls asleep during the day,then that's it.He says he envies me sleeping comfortably under the blanket,NO MATTER WHAT!!

Yeah,sleep comes naturally to me.I sleep in a train,bus or even an auto if I feel sleepy.When I went to college[in Chennai]I used to travel by MTC buses to and fro.The journey used to take me about an hour and the moment I step inside and catch my seat,I get myself prepared to sleep.Ajay wonders how I can sleep in a crowded MTC bus and I find it hard to explain:).Once I got a seat next to the driver and slept very comfortably despite the blaring sound of the horn and the eerie sounds of the gear box.I should say even the driver was confused and he asked me in pure wonder "eppadi maa tungninge?",which literally translates could you...??!!:)

Its past 10 now and I am feeling sleepy..are you:):)??

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  1. oh god divya, i fell out of my chair laughing at the last comment about the bus driver hahaha :DD know what, iam also like u, vijay keeps commenting about my sleep, it seems once he just wanted to come to the bed so that both of us can watch movie on computer in our bedroom. He had just stepped out and i was all snuggled inside the blanket, it took less than 30 seconds (i knew the time just next day after he told me hehe) , for me to zzzzz....