Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weight loss Challenge-Intro

All over I hear people talking about being overweight and going on a diet.Sometime back,I wouldn't even pay heed to such talks,but now I sit up and take notice.

I was always on the plumper side during childhood.My weight never bothered me coz I never found any fault with being the way I was.Reality struck only when I finished my 10th and was about to join college.I was starting to feel bad hearing the comments,fatty-chubby-plumpy etc.See,I said I never felt fat,but people around made me feel so.I made up my mind to lose weight,if not for myself at least for the nasty commentators.And surprisingly,I did.Became slim and trim by the time I joined college.How,you may ask.Well,anyone can lose weight if you go on a crash diet and completely stop eating.Yup,I did that.Barely ate food,sometimes 1 banana and a cup of milk a day was all what I ate.

My mom was so concerned about my health.She would rather let me be fat that see me with any ailments.But I was not going to look back and continued with the careless eating pattern.

Slowly I started coming back to normalcy.By that time I had lost much of my baby-fat(euphemism,I know) and was feeling quite confident and raring to go.That phase continued for a while even though I had started eating normal food.And then Jaundice happened..which took further few more of my kgs..I had become mere 48 kgs and I was so so happy about it..;-).

I got married-let me tell you,that was a major catalyst on my weight coming back to me.As my hubby says,a girl can't be bothered about her weight after she gets married.Initially I fought with him saying it isn't true but lateron my weight pile-up made me silent.

I put on 12 kgs in a matter of less than 6 years.I was upset when it crossed 50 but did absolutely nothing about it.When it reached 55,I stopped checking my weight.When I was required to check at doctor's and when I saw the figure 60,I felt embarassed and ashamed.I was asked to lose all of the excess weight,I doubted whether I'll be able to do it.But some situations in life forces you to do things which you wouldn't have done otherwise and this was definitely one of them.

I met Shiny-Dietician & Nutritionist,Maverick Fitness Studio and she changed my life.


  1. U want an entirely opposite angle to your story? Well I was the only thin girl among a bunch of rounded cousins and the target of many matchstick jokes!!! And like you I was never bothered abt it until of course I had to go to that place called college which was filled with good looking guys...lol. I used to gobble up everything I can get my hands on and trust me after two years in college and a roaring appetite the only thing I gained was extra energy to run around and admiration from my friends for my high metabolic rate. Even now after having a son I am yet to gain any weight and I have stopped eating to gain weight instead I eat to remain healthy and fit and am enjoying the way I am. I hope you are also enjoying urself and congrats to you for achieving your target.

  2. Hey..u look perfect in the pictures..but fitness shd b the aim not slimness..Loved this blog..wd visit n bombard comments par comments..:D ;) Jus Kidding! Waiting to hear 'mukavaili kaani' :D Suspense, suspense!!

  3. hey mine is also some what same story.......neways...it would be really helpful if u can put some tips on weight loss by following healthy balanced diet that u have learned from dietician and nutritionist!