Friday, October 19, 2012

A peep into our Balcony Garden - Basil

It all started with a humble Tulsi plant we got for our Grihapravesham a year back.We got excited when it responded to our watering and care.Ajay has always had a green thumb and wanted to set up a garden when we had the space.Slowly,we started setting up pots in the garden.
I just had to send a request and Deeba and Suma obliged almost immediately.Armed with a bunch of Basil seeds and some good soil,we potted the first batch.Leaves sprouted after almost 4-5 days and once it started growing,there's no stopping.

Basil recipes to follow in Easycooking:)


  1. Lovely basil, .. are these italian basil variety? Looks like it, or our traditional indian one? You know you can collect the seeds before they flower, that's how I keep a supply of mine.

  2. Hey diva, btw I have started blogging from last week :-) , ..... doing a little advertising /announcing from my part since it's been so long ;-)

  3. Sorry I meant divya, :-( .... typo....

  4. Hi Divya,

    I am also looking to grow basil plant. Where did you get the seeds from ( In chennai ?) ?