Thursday, March 12, 2009

A great way to start your diet!!

After reading the Weightloss challenge Intro post,many of you had e-mailed me asking for the diet plan and ideas.I was apprehensive to post MY diet plan because of two things

1)My diet plan is personalised.My dietician sat with me for an hour and after noting down my height-weight-BMI,eating habits,family history and lifestyle,charted out a plan for me.It worked out well for me and now I've lost all the extra weight I had piled upon.
2)I am not sure if it would work for anyone else.I am not sure of any health problems one may encounter following my diet.

But still,people wanted me to share the diet plan.[A friend of mine told me that girls always want to lose weight,I fought with him fiercely that it isn't true;-)]

I'll start with a simple diet plan which all of us can follow.It would not play havoc with your lifestyle or eating habits,as it is just a start.

Start by dieting one day a week.I know,you may think-I may not lose any weight by simply dieting a day in a week.But can just try,you never know it might help you in the long run when you actually start dieting!!

When I started my diet,after a week or so I went through an emotional turmoil causing me to feel sad all the time.I felt I was being deprived and I needn't do it at all.That is what happens when you cut down your favorite foods from your diets instantly.Usually,all diets call for immediate giving up of Chocolates,sweets,fried items etc.You'll be asked to go for a morning walk or to the gym-which in fact may make you least interested to follow it after all.

So here's a one day diet plan-

Start the day with a cup of warm water with a spoon of honey and half of a lime squeezed in
Have a cup of Black/Green tea without sugar.

For breakfast,have cut fruits.Papaya,Watermelon,Apple,Banana or any whole fruit.Try to avoid Mango and Chikku as they have a high sugar content.Wash it down with a glass of low fat milk[without sugar].Or have a glass of fresh fruit juice or lime juice with salt.

For lunch,have steamed or boiled vegetables-Cauliflower,Carrot and Broccoli steamed with salt and pepper tastes great and fills up your stomach real good.You can include any veggies of your choice.Include a whole fruit too,like Apple or Orange.Have a bowl of low-fat yogurt[prepared with skimmed milk]or again,a glass of lime juice with salt.

For tea-time,have a cup of Tea,Coffee or Milk.Use Demerara sugar or Sugar substitutes for the tea/coffee.Have 2-3 slices of toasted whole wheat bread or 2-3 wheat crackers or 2-3 Marie biscuits[any one of these].

If your mind is occupied with food thoughts[like it may happen sometimes-you start dreaming of Pizza or Burger or Biryani when you are hungry] try taking a stroll,call up a dear friend and chat or listen to music-whatever keeps your mind occupied and happy.

For dinner,have a bowl of soup with lots of vegetables.You could also opt for the same option that of lunch-boiled/steamed veggies.Have a cup of warm milk and go to sleep early.

Remember to drink at least 10 glasses of water througout the day.If you feel hungry in between,have 2-3 almonds or walnuts.Also keep a box of Muesli with you-but take care not to eat too much-just a handful ONLY if you feel hungry.

Next morning,start the day with 2-3 Walnuts/Almonds and a cup of warm water with honey and lime juice.Make sure you have a filling breakfast too.Opt for Cereals or Whole wheat bread toasts with a fruit smoothie[without sugar,of course] and then start having your regular meals.

Hope it helps!!

*One day diet idea from Good Housekeeping mag.Diet plans from my diet.


  1. Hey just a question, were you able to keep the weight off after you discontinued the diet? After making all those yummy treats that you exhibit in your food blog, I'm wondering if you were able to keep the weight off.

  2. Hi Anon..though I don't respond to Anonymous comments,I feel I owe a reply to you.Yes I was able to maintain my weight,I put on 2-3 kgs immediately after stopping the diet,but now even that is gone and I continue to be 10 kgs lighter than what I was a year ago[more than a year actually].

    Abt the "yummy treats" I post in my food blog-I don't eat the stuff I make all alone-I have nice friends and neighbours[get the point]?Would love to hear your name mext time!!

  3. That sounds great for a person to start a diet plan!

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  5. Divya,

    Thanks for visiting my blog..keep continue to visit me again....

    Regarding this diet, i do agree with you 100%...I've done one of these diet...and it worked as far as feeling light is concerned..But losing weight, I was not able to achieve it....


  6. Hi Divya,

    I am a regular visitor for your both blogs. I really like this post. And would like to check with you something.. Please be honest while replying..As u said , u reduced 10 Kgs by this diet , can you tell me how long you continued to diet?

  7. Thanks For the diet plan it really helped ..
    I must say wonderful recopies

  8. Hi Divya ,

    Thanks a lot for the diet plan..will try it !!