Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A(d)s you like it!!

When I signed up for blogger and chose the template,the sign-Google Adsense and the info about it sounded quite nice to me.I mean,you are doing something which you enjoy doing and someone is paying you for it[don't mind however small te amount],I was drawn to it.I told hubby that once my viewer stats increased,I'd put up some ads from Google on my blog.After a month or so,I did.

I wasn't expecting much,but the amount which showed up in my account did make me frown:).I was not quite hapy about it and then totally forgot about it.Then,Foodbuzz happened.A friend of mine recommended it to me and I signed up for it.Nothing happened for a while but after a few months,I received a mail from them with the contract that I was expected to sign.Now I was feeling all important:).After three months,I got my payment from them on Paypal and this time too,the amount wasn't much but it did bring a smile on my face.At least it would cover the costs of my fancy crockery I keep buying for the blog:).

Many people react differently to Ads on Blogs.While some people,are very happy about earning money for something which they are doing anyway[like me] some feel that ads are not appropriate on blogs since it is a personal space.I would say,to each his own.I have also come across some blogs which take ages to upload due to the amount of ads and widgets installed.Well,make hay while sun shines,isn't it??:))

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