Friday, June 5, 2009

Just like that!!

Come to think of it,I was quite down yesterday and hence the Ugh post:).Now even though I'm still affected by it and not feeling so good too,that one sounds like a very sad post to me and given my style of posting in this blog,I doubt I'll be updating posts regularly.Hence,I don't want the last post to be such a sad one,so I'm here with another post,hopefully a happy one!!

I was always prompt in getting new posts ready for my other blog.Sometimes,the draft folder overflowing,I've wondered which one to post first!!But these days,I've slackened a bit there.I've been quite lazy,but that aside,I've not been cooking much too.I mean,not anything new.Just the regular fare.I don't like it a bit and I'm trying to get back to active blogging soon.So gotta try new recipes and then the usual drill-dress it up,take pics,Picasa them and upload:).

So thats it,this post ends with a hope:)


  1. Yea..Hope is alive, inni??
    Im almost jealous of u.. Draft folder over flowing n all. Shucks.

    And I take forever to think on wot to write. :-)

  2. Glad to know ur back from the Ugh divya :) i was reading all ur posts here, very interesting :)