Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogging..how it started!!

I remember the first time I read a blog.Years back a dear friend had sent me a link and asked me to read it.She wrote lovely poems,so I was sure her blog would be an interesting read.After a while,I somehow lost the URL and hence stopped reading the blog.My re-entry into the blogging world happened thanks to Orkut.On a boring afternoon,I was hopping from my friend's profile to another[profiles weren't locked back then]and I came across a link on one of the profiles.

It felt like clicking open a treasure hunt.I had just entered into the food blogging world.I used to read food/cooking based sites but this was totally new to me.Someone-like me had cooked something in his/her kitchen and was blogging about it.I was hooked.Day and night[Ok,only day] all I did was to hop from one blog to another.I tried many recipes from the blogs I regularly checked out and I was loving it.

I wanted to start one too,but as usual,I was not sure whether I would be able to live up to the expectations of my own.My cooking skills were average and my photography skills were limited to aim and click.Less said about the photo editing knowledge,the better.But I was willing to learn and hence took the plunge and created a blog.

I took pictures of the food I cooked.But none of the recipes nor the pictures were appealing to me and I kept delaying posting my first post.Later,I thought-unless I start posting,I wouldn't know how or what I should improve.I posted my first recipe-Broccoli Stir fry.Then the next one..and the next and I was hooked.

Slowly,I started getting comments.One by one,they were coming and my blogging just got more interesting.I realized that the appreciation and encouragement we get in the form of comments was more dear than any awards.

Today,after a year and a half and about 250 posts,I still get excited when I do a new post and wait for the comments from my dear readers.

If not for the encouragement,I don't think I would have come this far.Thank you folks..:)

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