Thursday, July 30, 2009

I wonder!!

A while back my dear blogger friend M posted about how her contents were plagiarized.Her post on Vishu sadya was flicked totally by another blogger.Despite asking that person to remove the contents,they remained there for a long time.I haven't checked it recently,so I don't know whether that content is removed.

A similar thing happened last week.M posted about how her posts or rather one particular post was plagiarized.I felt really bad for her and while commenting I saw an anonymous comment asking her how sure was she about the post and asking her whether her mom had plagiarized the recipe.First thing,I dislike anonymous commenters,hell,if you can't own up to what you say,keep quiet..shhh!!I reacted quite strongly to that comment as well as to the so called plagiarizer.

I was curious,so were a lot others to know who that person was.

While going through some more comments I saw the name of the recipe which supposedly was the one M was mentioning.I googled to see what the name brings up,got lots of links to several blogs-many of which I blog-hop and had trouble believing those people/bloggers would copy stuff without giving credit.But I left it at that.

Two days later,I got a comment on my post-which I didn't moderate and rejected promptly,giving me the exact link to the post with the bloggers name.As I said before,her's was one of the blogs I hopped on to and I couldn't believe it.I went through the whole post but I couldn't decide whether that post was copied or the contents were copied.There was another post on her blog where she said the recipe mentioned was her own and she has not copied it from anywhere.I felt bad for her for all the accusations thrown on her-though there were not any names taken anywhere.

But I wonder..M is not someone who would do all this for nothing.She is a very talented blogger who has posted some traditional and authentic recipes from Kerala.Of course one cannot say any traditional recipes are their own or created by them.But I also don't think that she would accuse someone without proper reason or proof as she says.

Food blogging is something we do out of a passion and love for it.So I hope these two bloggers sort it out on their own.Both of them are talented and gifted and I hope they continue posting many more delicacies.

And yes,any anonymous comments hereon would be promptly deleted.


  1. Yes , you are right. We cant apply a copy right for food blogging. Pineapple pudding if posted by two guys can be the same. They cant remove pineapple from that recipe and one cant say hes copied.
    But for a particular recipe prepared from my experiments and copied by some one else. that's really hurting . For the one who copies it they can at least put a reference.

  2. Hi Divya,

    First time commenting her, though have visited both your blog several times. Firstly, your recipes are really good. Keep up the good job. Second, though you have a food blog and cook so much and seem to be obsessed with food (for god sake.. you tweet about food), you seem to ashamed of the fact that you are a cook. You keep saying "there is more to me than cooking"? well isn't that true of everyone? It is okay to be a cook and obsessed about food..don't have to be apologetic about it. You will always be known as a food-blogger, unless you choose to display the "more than cooking" aspect of yours.
    And about the cookie recipe of yours, just like you have your own free will, this person also has the right to her opinion on how things should be. Just because you are satisfied with a mention of your recipes does not mean everyone feels the same. Honey, get over it!
    COPYRIGHT is such a lose term when it comes to food-blogging. I don't know how it can be enforced very clearly. About the whole Mishmash-Varsha thing, I think it is childish. You can never copyright traditional recipes...wonder what would have happened if our ancestors had copyrighted rice-making or something as basic as that.
    Good luck with the blogs!


  3. Tina..nice to know your point of view:).

    I am NOT apologetic about the fact that I cook and I blog.That introduction of mine came about after few incidents.For eg-someone whom I know from childhood hopped on to my blog.Though she never comments[which is completely fine by me]on my posts,nor do we keep in touch regularly,we do bump into each other through g-talk and Orkut.The first thing[and most of the times,the only thing]she asks me is-How's cooking or What's cooking.Each and everytime the same question.Not even once did she ask me,how or where I was.I found it very annoying and that is how the -there is more to me than cooking line came about:)

    If I was not passionate about cooking or blogging,I wouldn't have come this far in Food blogging.

    But thanks anyway for letting me know your point of view.