Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why do we blog?

Sometime back,while my routine blog hopping,I came across a yummy & do-able kind of a cookie recipe.I was crazy about cookie-baking those days and I instantly bookmarked the recipe.Few days later,when I posted another cookie on my blog,a dear friend sent me a link to this particular recipe which I had bookmarked and asked me to try it out since she had tried it and it came out delicious.I immediately donned my apron and baked the cookie.Needless to say,it came out excellent and we loved it.

Next step was to blog about it.I gave a very clear link[in bold letters] to both the recipe author and to my friend who forwarded me the link.Next thing I get is a very straightforward,[so straightforward that it felt almost rude to me] mail from that person asking me to remove the recipe instantly from my blog since
she was the Creator of that particular recipe and she doesn't like her recipes to be published by any one else.She also reminded me about the strict copyright rules on her blog.I told her that I have given a link to her blog,but no,she wanted me to keep only the pictures I took of the dish and edit the recipe,aka remove the recipe part.I did so immediately-no questions asked.Even now,you can find only pictures and not the recipe in that post of mine.

If you ask me,I would be delighted if someone tries out recipes from my blog and blogs about it.I would be content with a link[a small one will do,not even in bold letters:)]But then,I blog about regular Konkani fare which is vast and varied in itself and anyone can Google search and get the recipes.My baking recipes are all from Recipe books,Internet and other food blogs,so no hope there too:).

Which makes me think..what is it that makes you blog[Food blogs,in particular].Is it just to record your family recipes and recipes which you eye-balled and created on your own?Or is it to post about your cooking and you would like to share the recipes and tid bits?And how do you feel when someone tries out a recipe of yours?


  1. That's weird! I'd obviously be delighted as well, that someone else is sharing in what I've made and loved! And if she didn't want to share it, maybe she shouldn't have posted the recipe in the first place!

  2. blogging is for sharing... be it your thoughts or recipes or whatever.. that recipe may have been created by her mother or someone else.. how can she has the copyright for that!! aint it! :p
    keep blogging...

  3. such a hypocrite you had supported mishmash with a long comment and now you are saying justthe opposite make up ypur mind

  4. To Anon..Uh Hypocrite did you say??I think that is the term I would use to address a person who has an opinion but doesn't have the guts to name oneself..!!

    I supported Mishmash coz of her post which said her contents were plagiarized.Plagiarism is one thing and trying out recipes from other blogs with due credit given to the author another.Getting inspired is one thing and owning up to the fact that you followed someone else's recipe is another.

    I guess people who leave anonymous comments would never understand what I tried to say in this post.