Thursday, September 17, 2009

Please leave us alone!!

Venue-A Cooking class I attended.

Each one of us were introducing each other,informally.Before me 2 others introduced themselves.One was an HR executive and the other was in the Tourism industry.My turn came and I said,I am a house-wife,stay at home.Pat came the next question-Just married huh??I smiled.Not giving a hint whether I agree or disagree with them.

If I told them,I was married for 7 years,immediately other questions would follow and I didn't want to delay the class.

Oh yeah,it happens all the time.Come Birthdays,Anniversaries,I get tensed to share our joy and share the sweets.People just can't stop asking.

Some of them -

"So,how long you been married..isn't it time you welcomed a bundle of joy now??"

" are not getting younger by the day..still on family planning huh??"

"All of your cousins/friends have kids..why are you delaying??"

In between,I tried and lost few kgs,some more followed.

" lost weight and all that,now you would delay your pregnancy further no..there's more to life than being thin!!"

Earlier,one of these comments used to spoil my whole day.I would sit and sulk and feel terribly sad.But then life goes on and now I have learned to brush it all aside now.

God has been eluding that ONE happiness for us since long.We have waited long enough for it and still are.I wonder why people do not realize that fact and just leave us alone.They can't be more bothered about it than we are.

Don't even get me started with those who sympathize and suggest Doctors and Temples..!!!


  1. Hi divya,
    here from Uj's blog..
    dint know whether to laugh or cry at this..
    forget family, it really irritates me when 'random'person in some random party asks this..
    Do they even realise they are hurting us in the process?
    nice blog, keep writing..

  2. Hi Divya,
    just browsing by when I read this
    The story continues.....
    you aren't married they want to know why?
    you get married they want to know why it hasn't happnd yet?, finally when it happns they want to know how many more????....wat is it with "they"? Wish there was some way of saying "mind your own business" without sounding rude.

  3. The 'they' people indeed must be either making a census report , or feeling useless about themselves ( hence trying to make the rest of us feel that way) , or suffering from acute lifelong itch when it comes to poke thierry noses in other people's private life!

  4. God knows best Divs :)

    Dont worry about the just keep cooking certainly brings joy to many of us :)