Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's your Prograaaaam???

"So..the long weekend's coming up,what's your program??"

Is it necessary that every holiday you get you have to go somewhere to prove that you enjoy life and you know how to have a great time??

A friend of mine who recently settled abroad casually mentioned to me that I need to take a "break".Like them for example,every weekend,they take the car and drive around and go places.She makes sure every single picture they take during the trip reaches me and several other friends ceremoniously.More often than not,she asks me how did I find the pictures..excuse me??You send me 250+ pictures and expect me to go through them one by one and comment on it too??Oh come on..:):)

For the record,we are taking a break my dear friend,going to Mahabs for a while and then to Bangalore[which btw in that friends opinion is not a holiday since we are going to Ajay's house:)]

Wish you all a Happy whats your program??:):)

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