Saturday, June 4, 2011


I've not been entirely lucky with my house-hold helps.Initially the lack of communication[I didn't know Tamil and they didn't know anything else but Tamil]and ignorance[not knowing how to instruct them etc]were the main reasons but even after I picked up the language I really couldn't master the art.First thing,I find it difficult to go behind their backs and make sure they are doing every job the right way.

Most of my maids didn't last more than a year and a half.The main reason to leave would almost always be--I thought there were only 2 of you and very less work but you seem to have guests every weekend[more utensils to clean]and lots of clothes to wash[we don't have a washing machine,strange,I know]

I found it depressing to welcome another new one because I have an issue.I take time to get settled with one and going through the same grind with another one causes me a headache.I thought all my issues were resolved when I hired A a while back.Without realizing,she stuck with me for more than 3 years,a fact quite bewildering considering my previous track records.

Today,after taking a day leave and with a pile of laundry and an even bigger pile of dirty utensils to wash,she dropped the bomb.She came and said she is suffering with acute back pain and cannot continue the job,no not even the leftover job she was supposed to finish.I thought it was the most depressing news I had heard,but surprisingly not.I donned my apron and set about doing the work.In less than 3 hours,I finished the laundry[by hand],mopped the house and finished washing all the utensils and gave myself a good pat on my back.

Now I am contemplating whether to keep a maid or not.I have got enough time to decide since I've made up my mind that I can do every job that she did[even better]with time.

So till another maid-story seeya!!


  1. Hi Divya,

    Came to your cooking blog searching for some recipe and landed here. Loved the blog:)

  2. Same happens with my mom,she never knows how to get work properly from a maid and she ends up doing work for the maid...Seeing her i too know even I am going to be like her and I have never kept maid so far,not even for an hour :) But I knwo how difficult to do the laundry though I used to do that b4 marriage.but now,dont even like to wash few clothes that are to be washed with hands ;)

    But its good that you do,still you are maintaining a slim figure rite ;D

  3. Tell me about it! Mine asked me if I had a dishwasher. With a washing machine and a dishwasher, why would I need her???