Tuesday, September 20, 2011

6 things which happened since my last post

1.I got a maid for doing the household work as soon as I posted my last blog entry.As expected,I am not completely happy with her but it is alright,both of us are managing well.She speaks very little,comes sharp at 8 every morning,finishes her work and leaves.Works well for the time being.

2.We finalized the interiors for our new flat and work is progressing fast.We hope to get everything done and move in by November 1st week max.Hope everything turns out well.

3.I made a couple of trips to my hometown,actually went in once every month since June:) and I am loving it.Going home is now more looked forward to as I have a li'l candy(my bro's baby girl)there to play with and cuddle.

4.I got a much required hair cut.My hair had grown too long and out of shape.I am never able to decide at a given point whether I want long hair or short.Immediately after a hair cut,I proclaim I want long hair and wouldn't cut my hair till it reaches at least my waist length.But each and every time,it grows out of shape and I go for a cut.I am happy this time,but not entirely so when it comes to the style.Maybe I should go for straightening or smoothening?

5.I taught basic baking skills to amma and guess what,she's a very enthusiastic learner and has mastered the famous Dates cake so well.We also made kick-ass Nankhatai and now I can relax and ask her to bake me truckloads when I am in Ekm,another one into the list:)

6.Ajay has asked me to choose a Birthday gift and as usual,I am uncertain.Have  thought about a couple of things,maybe I will decide in a month's time or so,let's see.

If any one is reading this(other than me)hope you are doing alright-God bless!


  1. Hi divya ! So nice to see updates here, I used to check in between but didn't see any, and I guess it's been a while since I last checked as you posted this in sept :)
    congrats on your new flat ! Had seen photos on fb, where in chennai is it?
    Hope your present maid is still the one mentioned in this post ;-)

  2. Hey Roopa,thanks for looking forward to my posts here:)We've got a house on OMR.I've got a new maid now after moving here and guess what,I am very happy with her:)