Thursday, December 8, 2011


We are moving to our own home-finally!!

It feels great to see your home take shape from the foundation stage to the completion stage.We really cannot wait to pack and move and actually start living there.

Just before booking this flat,we had paid advance to another flat which was almost our dream home.Sprawling and spacious with the perfect plan,we had even decided where to place our stuff and bang,some problems and we had to let go of that one.To say we were disappointed would be putting it lightly.It was ready for occupation too,so we had dreamt of moving there the very next month.Well,as my appa says,everything happens for the best and we believe it happened so that we could get this home in a prime location and that too from a reputed builder.

After months of waiting,next week is the moving date.Can-not-wait!!

Shall update details after moving-till then take care and God bless!


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  2. you must have already settled in. how is it feeling? I still dream of my own home :) hope you are enjoying yourself.

  3. Coral Crue,it is truly a unique feeling to stay at a place which you can call 'your home'.Yes,we are enjoying ourselves,still shopping for household stuff:).I am sure your dream will come true soon!