Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some random stuff!

This would be my longest gap between posts on this blog.Not that I blog here frequently but still!!
Here are a few things which have been happening
  • We shifted to our own home a while back,precisely 7 months back and are well settled in now.
  • I lost my camera,searched everywhere,brought the whole house down,sulked and got another camera and exactly after a month found my old camera cradled between two of my sarees.I don't remember putting the camera there ever,but since it cannot move up there on its own I am taking the blame on myself.
  • I now have 3 point and shoot cameras(1 very old one)and dreams which consists of an slr.
  • My straightened hair is beginning to fade away with shades of my original hair showing up through the root.It is not in that half straight,half wavy phase yet,but I am not sure if I want to go through the process again seeing the number of hair strands on our pristine white flooring!
  • My oven went kaput and I got myself a new one,same brand only a bigger one.I am not entirely happy with it though.The baking timings are erratic and something which got done in 30 minutes in my previous oven takes close to 45 minutes in this one.I cannot seem to explain this to the tech guys since all they do is test the temperature by keeping a bowl of water in the microwave for 1 minute and checking if it boils or not!
  • Our car was rammed into by a speeding Sumo,possibly driven by drunken drivers and we had to bear the whole repairing charges since it was hit and run.Money seems to just flow through our fingers,poof!
  • We've been eating out and shopping(that would be me) a bit more frequently these days and it is bothering me a bit.
  • I reconnected with a friend whom I'd thought was a bit indifferent and I feel so happy now.
  • I've been reminded by someone that  am turning older and should not delay any further in getting if!!
So till any further developments..tata!


  1. How do u respond to the last point? Everytime some 'well-wisher' 'reminds' me like this it hurts me so much. I feel like saying back..'I know! Please mind your own business' but mostly the person's age and sometimes even relation is such that I can't say that. I wonder how people make such comments so casually without even realising that they are intruding someone's private life. Its like they have been sent on this earth with the sole purpose of reminding everyone of this important message.

  2. I agree Anon.I've tried many responses but over a period,have realized that the intruders just want to make a casual point and leave.They are actually not bothered if you get pregnant or not.So these days I usually give a smile and act as though they are so right,which makes them a bit surprised.It seems to work after all.

  3. I tried that once with a lady who had one small child and one baby. She was a friend's friend and I was meeting her for the first time at a party, we were just introduced and she did her share of 'reminding' after usual inquiry. I smiled and nodded my head in agreement but that seemed to encourage her, she went on and on. There came a point when I became so upset that if my friend would have not interupted and given her a good answer to distract her I would have definately started crying. My friend tried cheering me up and advised me to ignore this lady (but this same lady came behind me in the buffet line and told me to think over everything she was telling me. I lost my appetite after that, I just wanted to leave.).

    Later on, when I calmed down I came up with all kinds of responses that would have shut her up and she would never do this to anybody else but I realised that the time has gone, there is no point thinking about it.

    1. So sorry to hear that Anon.I've been through several such situations in the last few years.I avoided attending weddings and festivals because all people could do was to point out to someone younger and say how 'intelligent' they are having kids at the right time.Sometimes I feel all they want to hear is us wallowing in self pity,telling them that we've been trying but without any success,maybe that would make them happy in someway.Jerks,I tell you!

      Even though I tell myself that I am not bothered by such comments anymore,we are humans too after all.One stale comment can spoil a whole day or even days together.Try focusing your energies someplace else,I find solace in blogging.

      Be happy-God bless!

  4. So true, Divya! Thanks and God bless you too. To be honest, when such incidents dont happen I am so happy with my life. There is so much to be thankful for and to cherish. I always focus on all that we have and I am trying to be strong to not break up everytime someone points out to that one thing that we don't have.

    1. I know,I keep telling my mother how happy I am with our life in Chennai and how terrible it would have been had I been staying in Kerala,in regular contact with the so-called friends and relatives.They would have made life hell for me.Thank goodness it is not so:)