Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I never let go of a chance of putting mehndi/henna on my hands.Especially now that we have these instant mehndi artists in front of some of the most popular cosmetic/apparel shops in the city.For as low as Rs.50/- they draw the most intricate designs on the palm.Indian,Arabic,Pakistani,you name it and they draw it for you.
I usually get my left hand henna-ed every time but this time indulged myself and got it done on both my hands as we were off to attend a family wedding.I love the crimson hue which lasts on the hands for a while and the smell,ah I love it!

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  1. So So beautiful!!! The mehendi on your palms and the gorgeous bag. What an apt title! I couldnt help smiling. :)

    It's been ages since I got mehendi on my palms, I absolutely love it! I am pretty good at drawing the designs, when I was in college there used to be this fellow who would sell mehendi cones outside the bus station and he would finish selling all by late evening. I would get one whenever my heart desired (which was very frequent! LOL!), for special occasions we would book cones in advance. His mehendi was so good that it always resulted in an awesome color and smelled heavenly! I love the fragrance of mehendi and jasmine :) makes me remember my wedding day.