Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some weight issues..

I must have been about 10-11 when I first heard the word diet.We were at a family friends' place having tea and I said no to a sweet I did not like and the lady asked me if I was on a diet.I did not know what it meant and once home,I looked up the meaning on the dictionary and was shocked and offended.Sure,I wasn't fat or plump,I just had some baby fat on me and this lady had the audacity to ask me if I was on a diet!

But slowly reality dawned and I did realize I was overweight than my peers,but sadly for a long time I did not do anything about it.and then college happened and I had to shake off those excess kilos to fit in.Since then,I've been on and off with my weight.Or lets put it this way,since then I am always 'on' or 'off' a diet at any given point depending on the 'then' requirement.

One thing which puts me off is this-whenever someone's lost weight and mind you,even if it is in grams,the first thing they do is pick out slightly overweight poor souls(which btw did exist when they were overweight!)and ask them to do something about their weight and a big lecture on healthy eating and exercising to stay fit.Excuse me?

So if you have lost weight and looking fitter than ever before,I've just got one thing to say-wonderful,good for you but stop picking on others or else all of them are going to pounce on you when you put on a kilo or two :)


  1. How true! I am especially irked by those who will spoil the fun by being 'well wishers' at odd times. For eg, they'll call to wish us a Happy Birthday and ask, 'So how are you celebrating today?'. If you tell them the usual - with a lovely cake and meal planned outside by the spouse they'll 'remind' you 'oh but arn't you on diet/trying to lose weight?' or a sarcastic 'Is cake allowed on ur diet? wow! I should try this cake diet too..hahaha.'

  2. Oh yeah,they feel so compelled to ask us what we are eating and give us the right direction towards healthy eating-rubbish!

  3. So true!This post stikes a chord.