Thursday, April 4, 2013

What I am watching now # 1

Pehla Nasha has been a favorite song ever since my school days.Mainly because it starred Aamir Khan in his cutest avatar ever and second,the song is so hum-able and lovely.For a long time,we sang it Pehla Nasha pehla hua when it is actually khumar :)

This video is awesome.Talent unlimited.


  1. It is truly our generation's all time favorite song! We grew up singing it and often day dreaming while singing it. :))Aamir Khan really looks his best in the film.

    I also like the slow motion choreography. It was originally going to be choreographed by Saroj Khan but she did not show up on the day of the shoot and the director gave one of Saroj Khan's assistants a chance to do it all by herself. That assistant was Farah khan and she did it in her own way. :)

    1. Oh yes,it is!I remember the Farah Khan story too,the Marilyn Monroe act by Pooja Bedi and the school girl,so well played by Ayesha Jhulka and the best of all-Aamir Khan,Oh I think I need to watch the movie all over again:)